Tipping the Odds to Your Favor Through Practice

Image credits: Leonardob0880.Image credits: Leonardob0880.

Human nature has the tendency to try control, which might not always be as much possible as we love to tell ourselves. We’ve illusions of control and we are satisfied with that.

To live in the present is more comforting once we have hope, that things get better. And what would be better indicator of things getting better than conscious growth and improvement!

State of completion is I guess a myth. State of optimal performance is a possibility which especially those who do sports at the highest level seem to take advantage of. They understand the data and they understand what it takes to get the odds in their favor.

World revolves around probabilities. To make them work for us, we need to really think what matters to us, prioritize. Then do a risk assessment of everything that there is and decide how to handle those risks. Then we work with all we’ve got at those prioritizes while minimizing those selected risks from happening.

In the ends if we can make the odds and the time our ally, we are on a proven track to better –unless there are great changes in the surrounding environment.

I work as a telemarketer and I apply these odds in my work. It’s a numbers game with a lots of failure, kind of like life. Managing to change the unlikely to likely, risk to an opportunity is a really gratifying feeling. Sometimes its possible with the experience and skills, that’s why mastery through work is so desirable. Taking the process really seriously, and trying to shift even slightly the odds to your favor.

Choose your craft, learn to love all aspects of it, practice everyday and eventually you’ll able to change some odds to your favor.

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