Play with Snow

snow5Finnish weather can depress you, if you are expecting things to continue running on their straight course towards spring and summer. Weather here doesn’t work that way. Maybe that’s one thing that causes the stereotype of Finnish reserved personality: ”have to be prepared for all kinds of setbacks” & ”it takes while to warm up”.

It’s no joke that the weather during Xmas and Midsummer can be almost identical, except for the lack of sunlight. And it’s reality that even thoguh about a week ago all the snow melt away, it can snow a  lot even during one weekend.

snow1However, that’s no need to be depressed. Snow is a wonderful resource to build anything. On my way to show I enjoyed seeing total of two snowmen built by kids. However I think everyone should be building more stuff out of snow!

It’s wonderful!
“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” Henry Ford

Truth is, easy life and comfortable life is not that much wa
nted thing anyway. Learning to love the moments that are presented upon us is also a strength to overcome difficulties. So play with snow 😉snowbunny1









Picture Credits go to Bunnyni

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