17 Months After First Coaching Session

SproutIt has been seventeen months since my first coaching session in Trainers’ House Growth Academy. It certainly doesn’t feel like it has been that long time, so its’ kind of amazing.

There is one curiosity thought: I wonder what I remember from that? Content wise to date, I do not remember much. However as it happens, today morning I became curious enough to find my hand written notes from that very first session.

I am really glad and thank myself for being intense note taker. Even though I always cannot read most of what I write, especially after a long time – it turns out the actual loss was quite minimal, there was only a few words that I couldn’t decipher. So taking notes is totally worth it!

In between the 23rd of September 2014 and Today, I’ve been also taking twelve additional coaching sessions, read the latest book by Jari Sarasvuo (2015) and been listening Jari Sarasvuo on radio as well. So I’ve gotten to know him a lot better than before, I had zero knowledge and I had decided to see for myself.

When in doubt, I really recommend to see for yourself!

The experience accumulated in between helps me further to actually understand the contents of the notes. Actually there is a lots of stuff that is invaluable for me as I am trying to get a bit ahead in the learning.

It’s also clear that some seeds from coaching have found fertile ground in my mind as well. Which is okay, a scientific mind always seeks a better framework for understanding and actually tries to challenge that. I’ve still long way to go, so best I can do it is to learn from the best. Life is a long game and nobody can tell how many fruit farms there are in a one seed.

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