More Probable Opportunities

Img credits: Kolby Kirk.  CC-BY-3.0
Img credits: Kolby Kirk.

I’ve had this wonderful opportunity to work in Trainers’ House Growth Academy past year and few months. Yet I feel like I’ve begun to learn. Actually ever since I first started learning my humility skyrocketed and my desire to admit that I knew anything was reduced almost to zero.

However, since I’ve learned a bit during the past year, I’ve also learned to release some of the perfection what was kind of defensive reaction. Now I’ve gradually let go of that, which means that I am able to try to share something I know.

Today I actually had wonderful coaching session by Jari Sarasvuo. There was a several things that I picked up from there and I am gonna do a more through notes about that later. I just want to summarize a few thoughts on the fly from that coaching.

To do great things, we need to have the probabilities on our side. Time is one of the probabilities that we need to have working on our side, not against us. Through time we can create more opportunities by creating larger networks, using compound interest in both learning and monetary matters.

Knowing this is good, wise would be doing it. Let’s be wise and not negotiate about that which is critical.

For me, I’ve determined that I want to learn to write, so I shall write now everyday. Today I’ve accomplished my thing and tomorrow I shall summarize more about the stuff that a lot smarter people than me have thought about already. For that is the nature of learning and I am hoping to turn the probabilities of learning to my side.

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