Piles of Underpants to Use

As the first one, I want to talk about doing and not doing. And I want to do it with the terms I guess Steve Kamb and South Park can be credited for. You see, I picked up Steve’s book (2016) ”Level up your life” a few weeks back from Amazon. I haven’t honestly finished it yet, even though I hoped so. The timing for such a book for me was a bit off. However, there was a few interesting things I did pick up from that book so far, and it is the most important thing of all to get anything done: action.

More accurately I picked up the three step plan to action, that was originally presented in South Park episode the underpant Gnomes. It goes like this:

Gnomes Plan

Awesome isn’t it? And there is the one part missing. You can read about what the two could be and everything from Steve’s book, he writes about it a lot better than me.

Question I want to present you today with is, how much underpants you already have?

Because it turns out, yesterday I was looking for a sources of inspiration and effortlessly I found out, not a few, but six great sources of material and inspiration for my writing. This is stuff, that I have been in quite systematic and organized manner been collecting past few years. Granted.. Some of it has been in action, so its not entierly unused underpant, but still.

Short list of my underpants piles:

  • Journals that I’ve written past seven years.
  • Folder inspirational images I have collected so far.
  • Articles, summaries and other desktop research stuff that I’ve archived.
  • My daily notes and sketches in notebooks and mobile phone.
  • My notes from coaching sessions in the Trainers’ House Growth Academy.
  • 100+ Zennen.net blog articles I wrote between 2011 – 2014.
  • Reports and research I did during studies 2012 – 2015.
  • Online content, like Quora and forums.
  • All my othes drafts and notes that I’ve written and archived in various places.

This is covers ’most’ of the intentional and systematic underpant collecting. Still there is a lots more underpants available in emails, calendars, miscellaenous files… There are mountains of underpants!

Now it struck me: since there is already mountains of underpants, why I am not getting any quality articles done? Probably the reason, is because I cannot write. And why I cannot write? Because I cannot write.

Honestly I don’t know if I ever can write, however now I chosee to at least write and improve upon that. If I don’t produce nothing, I cannot improve anything either. This is mentioned in Steve Kamb’s book as well as it is in the cultural dna of Trainers’ House, where we do a lots of repetitions, learn and adjust and through that comes the quality. Inevitably.


P.S. Dear past me: it took me 12 minutes to write this article, when I just had the idea envisioned.

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