Positive Emotions Can Be Practiced

Ed Schipul from Houston, TX, US - running with the seagulls. CC BY-SA 2.0.
Ed Schipul from Houston, TX, US – running with the seagulls. CC BY-SA 2.0.

I just remembered something that I even forgot a while. Natural, since learning is remembering and forgetting.

The thing I had forgotten for a while was that we can consciously alter our emotions.  We can choose to feel good. And no, there is not magic cure to feel good, no magic pills like drugs or mushrooms involved.

Actually the process involves also conscious effort or even work. So it is not even a feel good quick scheme. There aren’t such things. However, there is hope and best thing is that you can start the journey there right away.

Are you ready to start the journey to the promised land? Our destinations may vary, and each of us has to carry our own weight, because at least at this point nobody else can do it, but you. The work is inner work. And each day we have to continue that work. Sometimes there are setbacks, yet those setbacks can be then again turned into opportunities, in time.

This is a model I made for myself few months back:

feeling good to sharin

Essentially when I feel that what I do is somehow fun & I am capable, it gives me good feeling and when I am feeling great I want to share.  So this is indeed the easy part.

As you know, the tricky part is to get to the good feeling despite everything and step up to the challenges with a feeling of fun and competence. To get there, there is first choice which is choice. You can choose what way you feel about certain things. You can learn to love, love is a choice.

Conscious decisions require willpower to do and only with willpower you are doomed to fail. Therefore you need something more. Momemtum. Once you decide something, you’ll stick with that and you’ll put your everything there. You stick with it until it becomes a habit that sticks to you.  Simple as that, so remember make a choice to make it work and stick with it.

Therefore think carefully about what you want. We should aspire to do most of the time what we want, but most of us cannot do 100% the things we love. Reality often isn’t as our ice-cream filled brains. We need to learn to love the process as well, and we can.

Learn to love the process, and share. Practical tools to learn to love the process are found in mindfulness and meditation categories. Do it bit by bit.

Love ya,


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