Why We Need to Read More?

Photograph © Andrew Dunn, 5 November 2004. Website: http://www.andrewdunnphoto.com/
Photograph © Andrew Dunn, 5 November 2004.
Website: http://www.andrewdunnphoto.com/

Short backstory to this question is related to me finishing up the Daniel Pink’s book To Sell is Human. In the end of the book there are thoughts about linking to message to the why and especially we purpose. Apparently it is so that, if we know the BIG WHY, we perform a lot better.

This put me really thinking, why is it we so little link our communication to the really big picture of things. Inspired by this idea, I decided to think a few reasons for me to read more that will help the bigger picture of things, not just me, but my girlfriend, family and work… While doing this I quickly noticed that its’ not only I who should do more reading, but us. The whole humanity needs to be doing more reading.

Okay so, as I had finished up writing and rewriting the list for a few times, I felt that it was okay for my own purposes. At this time I decided to check out google for some additional points to supplement my own brainstorming. However, to my surprise the few first results of google results were tackling the why “you should” point more than, the “why we should”. Well I tried adjusting search words by actually adding we there, but the results were the same, unsatisfactory.

Then I decided to check out Quora, there was the same scenario, I copy pasted my answer there… However, I kind of felt like unsatisfied… I decided to post this into my blog as well with this explanatory backstory.

I also printed it out for my kitchen in order to track my reading progress of finished books. I’ve had the really bad habit of just skimming to through books and assuming I know & have read them, even though this is not the case. So now so far I have finished since May seven books and I intend to finish a few more before the end of year.

Why? Well because:

  • Literature is the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of all men before us. This can help us find many things like: purpose, health, love, living, tranquility and joy.
  • Reading trains our critical-reading skills, which then again is the basis for progress. If we think world should be better place after us, then we should challenge the status quo.
  • Reading broadens our world and offers wisdom with sensible arguments to take smarter action. Equipped with this wisdom and arguments, we may change not only our life, but the lives of those around all around us and beyond, for better.
  • Reading allows us to discover our possibilities and purpose, connecting us more tightly to it. We’ll start to see how our actions affect the people and world around us.
  • We will be able to civilize ourselves beyond our own culture and perspectives. This furthermore allows us to connect with people from all kinds of diverse backgrounds. This understanding is the basis for co-operation and solution orientation that can turn even the grandest troubles to possibilities.
  • As literature is the one form of human information sharing, we will be able to involve more and more people to the dialogue of ideas and thoughts, which is necessary for progression and cultural evolution.

And the real reasons don’t even stop here, this is just the beginning. The impact of reading is really grander than all of us!

Feel free to share this. Also if you have any ideas for more grand points please leave a comment, send me a tweet or email jhapiiroinen {at} gmail {dot} com.

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