Best Alternative for Perfect Life

Hardest thing in life it is to live it right.

— Since living life perfectly right has turned out to be impossible, it is useful to acknowledge the truth of what happened and then to forgive. Forgive even for yourself. Often times we are the most cruel to ourselves, not even to our friends we would not say such things as we are tormenting ourselves with. Please, forgive.

My arch-nemesis is false speech. Its’ something I have to be very mindful about, because for some reason I’ve the natural ability to say almost anything quite convincingly even if it makes no sense for me to tell a lie. It has been causing of suffering for me in the past. Ever since I started to become more mindful about life I’ve been zealous about the path of truth. Even six years later the battle is ever day and sometimes I fail and then the self-whipping cruelty starts. Thankfully there is alternative: to forgive and direct the energy to coming out clean and avoiding such failures in the future.

When we do not have the right mindset: failure is feared and dreaded, time after the failure is hell. It doesn’t have to be this way. We should treat the failures and other emotional wounds. I am greatly touched by the emotional hygiene Ted talk by Guy Winch, who really puts the finger on the problem. We often leave our emotional wounds untouched, even though they would need as much attention as any wound.

Also to add a bit of John Wooden philosophy here, to get going again: Most important thing is to try your best.

Basis for all that, is the ability to face the truth. That’s why the topics of failure, truth and emotional health are linked-in in this topic. Face the truth and do you best, that’s enough for a great life.

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