Discovering purpose – everyday!

It has not been exactly two months since my graduation. I’ve been lost in thought about the bigger purpose of life. Studies provided me with a sense of purpose and ability to focus on what I love: learning.

I’ve been in lucky position that I’ve been able to work as much as I like. Unlike before though, the idea of work without higher purpose didn’t quite suit me. I’ve been also blessed with opportunity to start working with my friends to form our own business. That either doesn’t feel like hundred percent exact match, even though it is a step in the right direction.

For me life is all about learning: challenging the status quo and acquiring knowledge in order to come up with solutions. And then of course to teach and share this knowledge to benefit as many people as possible.

To support this curiosity and desire to learn the premises must be in place, the physical, mental and emotional spaces to stay operational. And this is the big thing that I’ve now discovered. Making emotional and mental well being possible is very important. Great feeling is almost contagious, so why not to strive for it?

Yesterday I discovered a great few questions for each day, to serve as a guide through each day. Two for morning and one for evening


  • How are you feeling?
  • What do you want?


  • Did today matter?

Yesterday when I actually discovered these questions and answered them I already started finding a lots purpose in my day. Now I realized I don’t need a big life purpose; just living purposefully each day is way enough. I already feel very satisfied with these questions, as they help me to make a small dent to the universe each day.

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